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Bishops Animatronic Tractor Ride

Rogue Fabrications would like to present to you our first ever;

Full scale ride animatronics system

Duck Hunt Apple Cannon Target

Apple Cannon Targets

Apple Cannon Targets

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  • Powered by 1/2HP sealed electric motor 

  • Rugged design to handle extreme forces of apple cannons

  • 5 feet long (10 ducks total)​​

  • Large Targets(Ducks are 12 by 12 inches)

  • Can dissembled on a standard pallet

  • Easy to assemble and wire

  • Can Ship fully assembled if desired


Barnyard Animal Band

Animal Band ROB (4).jpg

Standard Features: 

  • 14 animatronic characters (Goat, Sheep, Donkey, Cow, 3 Pigs, 6 Corn, & 1 Bunny)

  • Complete animatronic control system

  • 4 Stage pneumatic air filtration system

  • 1 Spectacularly programmed & choreographed 10 minute show on a schedule timer

  • Joke Button to tell character based jokes

  • Happy Birthday Track Built-in

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